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I was born with a love of fashion and boutique clothing that was passed down to me from my great grandmother Hazel Olive. Her and my grandmother taught me how to sew and design trendy fashion clothing. I loved creating unique style boutique clothes and fashion pieces for my friends and myself so I decided to get my degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising. Following college some difficult times hit my family and I knew I needed to find a way to give my daughter a better life. I didn’t have a dollar to my name so I clipped coupons, saved up $300 to buy my first round of clothing inventory and started Hazel and Olive Boutique in my tiny apartment. I started selling boutiques style clothes to friends and friends of friends and before I knew it I was working 18 hour days to keep up with the orders. I didn’t have a car so my daughter and I would ride my bike and bike trailer, full of packages, to the post office to get packages shipped out daily.

Hazel & Olive Boutique dramatically changed mine and my daughters’ lives. I look back now and can hardly believe how much Hazel & Olive has grown as a brand and as an online clothing boutique. I have always been so thankful to own this clothing company and strive to provide a clothing boutique for women that our customers and my family can be proud of. Our clothes boutique will always be on focused on the latest styles from clothing boutiques. We are forever thankful for our amazing customers, the years of support and the ability to help others! Cheers, Taylor Signature

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Time for a cute new women's outfit wardrobe from one of the trendiest and best online boutiques for online women's clothing! Here at the Hazel and Olive clothing boutique you will find a variety of the best statement accessories, sexy outfits and cute clothes, trendy clothing for any occasion for women... sorority rush clothes, cocktail and party outfits, gameday styles, a vacation outfit summer boutique clothing, bachelorette outfits, and basically any cute outfit perfect for any occasion you would find in women's boutiques near me. Our women's boutique online shopping site stays stocked with all the season’s colors, outfit styles, fabrics, and prints all at an affordable price! With our boutiques fashion clothing and lingerie for women we have a wide array of items and outfits. We are confident you’ll find exactly the trendy boutique clothes or outfit you need and feel like you are at a boutique near me. We have created outfit collections around outfit ideas, such as birthday, fall, christmas, holiday, concert, gameday, and more to help you put together your new outfits with ease. Whether it’s for a special occasion, you’re revamping your wardrobe or just treating yourself today to that cute boutiques style, Hazel and Olive has it all and offers free shipping from our trendy online boutique located in Texas!


Hazel & Olive specializes in sexy and cute outfits, clothes and the best current fashion trends from boutiques for all times of the year. We bring you the best of everything on trend and new in the world of boutiques fashion. Our fast and free clothes shipping make us feel like we’re a boutique near me no matter where you are! We pride ourselves on having the best speedy and dependable customer service of all boutiques near me. New arrivals launch daily! Hazel and Olive is your go-to online boutique for cute and trendy style and affordable cute dresses, shoes, tops, and all other clothes and fashion necessities. Browse our site and we are sure you’ll find exactly what you were dreaming of when browsing online boutiques for the best clothes! Out of all the best online boutiques, we hope you'll enjoy Hazel & Olive and consider us when you are shopping at your favorite online clothing boutiques. We appreciate you shopping with us and adding us to your list of the best online boutiques for women, where you can shop for on trend clothes and cute styles. Dress with confidence, and where designer boutique fashion meets southern charm!