Cute Shorts for Dress or Casual

Is summertime or vacation time the only time for cute cotton shorts? Women of all ages, sizes, shapes, and styles will find a lot to love in our extensive collection. From casual for your every day to sexy, sweet dress-up-able enough for any outing or occasion, we’ve got something in store for everybody.

Athletic, Denim, Leather, Bermuda & More

Athletic wear for the gym—coordinated outfits, complete with a top and the perfect bottoms to match. No matter your style, you’ll be able to keep things fresh, fun, and breezy with any of our favorites.

Cotton Shorts Women Can Wear Anywhere

Every woman needs something comfortable to throw on when it's time to buckle down. Who says you can’t stay glam, even when lying low for the afternoon? Our favorites for women make staying focused while studying, cleaning, or working from home easy. 

Some of our top contenders in this category are available in several soft, adorable pastels. Any of our bestsellers will instantly become an at-home favorite, the ultimate comfy companion to movie night, an evening of self-care, or a cozy date night in with your favorite person in the entire world.

Are every pair of cotton shorts destined to be worn as loungewear? We think not—if you disagree, we encourage you to dive into our collections for the best that our boutique offers in light-hearted, picture-perfect fashion. Stay cool in our favorite combination of drapey, oversized cotton shorts. Women can wear these cute matching outfits to the beach, brunch, or even on their weekly errands. 

Athletic Sweat Shorts Women Love

Few basic clothing items make us crave the gym, like colorful, lightweight, sweat-wicking sportswear, including cotton shorts. Women and girls like you deserve something special for yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, or even just a simple jog around the block.

To us, comfort is key when designing sweat shorts women will want to wear repeatedly. Workout shorts in a litany of playful cuts and colors make a flirty splash at the gym, on the block, or anywhere else—no matter where you love to get moving, a brand-new pair of shorts for women makes staying fit something to look forward to every single day.

Find Your New Favorite Pair Today!

Women: the time to shop is now. Summer shorts for women are always on-trend. This year, our styles are hotter than ever! Turn heads at the pool, running errands, wherever you are. 

We promise you a true-to-size fit and free shipping anywhere in the United States. We take pride in our mission to make the ordinary fabulous—shop with us from home and enjoy pieces guaranteed to become instant classics in your wardrobe.

You can’t go wrong when you match our boutique shorts with something from our Hazel & Olive top collection. Shop with us today!