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5 Sexy Party Dresses for Your Next Formal Event

So, you have this formal event coming up. You are all prepared, excited, and ready to slay the event with your dressing sense. A classy dress would make a great outfit, but you want something that would look like total “adorbs”!

How about a type that instantly highlights your sex appeal? Sounds about, right?

If yes, then here is a list of five that you must try:

#1 Little Black Dress

Regardless of the type you choose, you cannot go wrong with black, can you? On top of that, we are not just talking about any black dress but a black cocktail dress.

How classy is that? The sleek, slimming, and simple fitting of this style can be a head-turner in a huge crowd. You also get form-fitting attire that combines both elegance and casual dressing in one place.

Of course, it is perfect for a formal event, but it isn't just a one-time wear. You can wear it during other high-end events/occasions like weddings, red carpets, or after parties.

The best thing about party dresses is that they are beyond any body type. Whether it's a small or plus size, it would look good on any figure. You'll also get reasonable cost ranges and varieties for these styles. That’s a plus point!

#2 Long Sleeves

Long sleeves cocktail dress

Nothing looks as perfect as a beautiful cocktail party dress with long sleeves for a formal event. Period.

If you want to give a fantastic touch to your attire, you must go for an A-line dress of your favorite color. It will have both sophistication and boldness in one place. This means once you enter the party, the praises will come flowing right at you.

A good thing about this dress is that it's created to flaunt those curves. Meanwhile, your collarbones, arms, and shoulders will remain hidden. It's the kind of hide-and-seek that your body and outfit would love to play.

You can adjust the length of the dress at your convenience. If you are more of a "show as you want" kind of person, feel free to take that skirt up a bit higher for that leg flaunt.

But, if not, feel free to keep it long so only the lower part of the legs/ankles are visible. The longer option would be great if you want to highlight those stunning heels.

#3 Lace

lace cocktail dress

Lace on a cocktail dress, how weird does it sound? We know you must be thinking this. But trust us when we say this! Laces on cocktail dresses can transform your look to a whole new level. That's because the combination of sleek and sexy lace along with radiant cocktail dresses goes perfectly well together.

It gives a feminine yet subtle touch to the outfit, plus you can also relish the comfort of the fabric. A great thing about lace is its versatility. You can easily style it any way you want. For that extra oomph, add in some heels, and voila, you'll have yourself "the perfect cocktail dress" for your formal event. Laces also add that perfect balance of style and sassiness to your wardrobe, so it would be a total keeper.

You can go for dresses with either lightweight or heavy laces. No matter what you choose, with these cocktail dresses, you can stay assured of a breathable and sheer fabric. Its soft consistency and durability are other two reasons why it would look perfect for cocktail dresses. Try it out, and we are sure you’ll thank us later.

#4 Strapless

Strapless cocktail dress

Sexy and bold. The strapless cocktail dress has got the best of both worlds. And, what's not there to like?

Timeless Silhouettes? Check.

Modern outlook? Check.

Sleek and flattering vibe. Double Check.

To be honest, it checks all the boxes that would make you look fantastic for the event. As it's strapless, you'll easily be able to highlight the arms, shoulders, and neckline. Your upper body will look absolutely promising, and the lower ones will mirror versatility. It's also the easiest silhouette to try out if you want an appealing look.

A-line strapless cocktail dress looks top-class on hourglass figures. Meanwhile, if you are a bit taller, a mid-length cut will be superb. For the plus size, all strapless cocktail dress types would look fantastic.

We know how you would want something a little extra than the plain strapless cocktail dress. That's why to make the outfit a little less outdated, you can try out dresses with more details. Things like ruffles, frills, ornamentation, or even pockets will look great.

What else? The color. Whether you choose a light/subtle shade or a vibrant one, either way, these strapless cocktail dresses would look perfect.

#5 Off-Shoulder

Off-Shoulder cocktail dresses have been quite in the trend lately. From the runway to Hollywood parties, it's being worn by every classy woman out there. So, why don't you give it a try for your formal event as well?

The dress is flirty and flatters your body perfectly. It also hides the flabs and highlights those shoulders and collarbones. Make sure to combine the off-shoulder cocktail dress with heels, and we are sure you will love it!

Dos and Don'ts of Cocktail Party Dressing

No matter what cocktail dress type you choose, here are the do's/don'ts for the same:

  • Pair up your dress with chic accessories, embellishments, and classy shoes/heels
  • Go for cocktail dresses that are high-quality and well-fitting
  • Plan your look as per seasons, like summer, spring, and winter
  • You must try out cocktail dresses as per morning, afternoon, or night event
  • Remember, cocktail dresses can be knee-length or longer but not to the floor
  • Do not go for puffy skirts or silver beads, as they could give a wedding cocktail dress vibe.
  • Be mindful of the style, and don't dress as if you are going to a nightclub.