What Makes the Perfect Women’s Shacket?

Some may be wondering: what’s a shacket? A shacket is precisely what it sounds like: a shirt jacket you can style as a shirt or a jacket.

These versatile favorites are beloved by many women, mainly because they’re comfortable, cute, and perfect for layering your clothes. A button-up shacket outfit may take many forms—linen shackets, denim shackets, and even the ever-popular flannel women’s shacket. Other types of outerwear can’t compete with the casual vibe you’ll get with these outfits.

Every shackets outfit can be primed for cooler weather, the office, or even a breezy afternoon out on the town with the right women’s shacket. What’s the best way to include this modern take on cozy fashion in your wardrobe? 

How to Style Any Shackets Outfit

One idea might be to use a women’s shacket as an opportunity to incorporate a pop of color, a fun pattern, plaid or a unique fabric texture into your outfit du jour. If you like to keep things basic, we encourage you to top off your everyday favorites with shackets for a novel new twist.

You can throw an oversized women’s shacket over anything from a gauzy maxi dress to your most-loved T-shirt and jeans. Accessories like bangles, long pendant necklaces, and fun fashion earrings keep the look polished enough for school or the office. And, as for your hair? There’s no better time for a ballerina bun, long waves, or a soft, sexy tousle, especially for those with thick bangs, tightly-trimmed tips, or pixie cuts.

Bodysuits and rompers, already perfectly on point, go swimmingly with long shackets for an incredibly great coordinated shacket outfit overall. This dangerously chic combination is the ultimate look for concerts or to wear when exploring a new city. It’s a grab-and-go affair that needs nothing but a cute pair of sandals, a rugged pair of booties, or an outrageous pair of platforms to feel complete.

Cozy Long & Plaid Shackets

Even if you’re just staying in for the evening, comfy women’s shackets are an excellent way to stay warm at home. Keep things simple with a plaid shacket outfit for movie night, chores on the weekend, or a relaxing day in the sun.

Browse Women’s Shackets and More Today

Is it shackets season yet? There’s no such thing! We’d argue that every season is shacket season. Why go without the perfect solution for a random heat swell or a cold snap? We get new arrivals daily—try your luck with some of the best women’s shackets online.

When it’s too hot out for a traditional jacket and too cool to go without anything at all, a shacket outfit can keep you comfortable and coordinated in perfect style. To us, there’s no such thing as too many layers—top it all off with any women’s shacket in our collection.