Trendy Dress & Casual Pants

This collection is full of all styles of pants for women! We have an array of work-friendly cigarette-style pants, trendy wide-leg pants, and printed trouser styles. We know you'll be able to find an affordable style to meet your budget and fashion needs here!

What’s the perfect statement top without an incredible pair of boutique pants? We’ve got a ton to offer your collection and plenty of tips on making the look uniquely yours.

How to Style Denim Pants for Women

Can you ever go wrong with the perfect pair of denim jeans for women?

Denim boutique pants, jeans, and skirts are charming, sexy, and down-to-Earth. You can wear them with anything, but we love a quick, casual look that utilizes your all-time favorites. A splash of fresh denim and your entire wardrobe suddenly feels brand new.

Denim skirts for women offer an entirely different edge to your look for the evening—our classy, form-hugging favorites can be styled up or down for a look as polished or fun-loving as you prefer. Pair them with halters, crop tops, or gauzy, luxe blouses. A simple diamond pendant or pair of pearl earrings will be the cherry on top.

The Best of Our Boutique Pants and Trousers

We love denim, but there’s an entire world of incredible bottoms and pants for women to explore—our site is no exception.

You’ll love our favorite fringed skirts and the perfectly coordinated tops that go along with them. These versatile, go-anywhere styles run the gamut in terms of sheer variety and wow-factor. Complete, matching top-and-bottom combinations in hot pink, mellow melon, taupe, and robin’s egg satin are only the beginning.

If you love the cowgirl vibe, you’ll go gaga over our Living Doll collection. It’s flirt and includes that feminine pink plaid—all you’ll need is the off-the-shoulder top to match, and you’re ready for anything. These outfits are perfect for bonfires, house parties, and just kicking back with your girls after a long week.

For a slightly more elegant look, our favorite flared pants for women are perfect for nights that deserve something over-the-top. Whether you go with classy, matte baby blue or our famous pink boutique pants bedecked with sequins from top to bottom, you’ll be ready for even the wildest party, venue, or vacation. Leave an impression they won’t ever forget. 

Can You Ever Go Wrong With a New Pair of Boutique Pants?

No collection is complete without stylish boutique pants that make every day feel like your best day ever. We live in our favorite jeans, shorts, and other cute pants—for women, there is no better investment.

Take it from us—try any of our best on for size today. We ship free anywhere in the US, so you’ll never break the bank by inviting something new into your life.