Styling a Jumpsuit to Perfection

Jumpsuits make throwing together a stylish outfit for any event or occasion effortless. All you have to do is find some matching shoes and accessorize as you please, and you’re good to go! 

Jumpsuits are also extremely versatile. A white jumpsuit for women, for example, can be worn to a business meeting, party, brunch, or even your wedding—yes, we said wedding. A high-end, white jumpsuit is becoming increasingly popular for brides to wear during their receptions or elopements. 

Jumpsuit Colors & Denim Matching Any Occasion

So, how do you get a jumpsuit to match any occasion? For starters, you have to shop wisely. Black and white colors tend to be easier to work with when making a jumpsuit dressy for women. Neutral colors, navy, denim, and bold patterns can spice up your wardrobe, but they won’t work well with every event. 

It’s also a lot easier to dress up a jumpsuit than it is to dress one down. With that in mind, casual jumpsuits for women are a closet staple. We also recommend splurging on at least one dressy jumpsuit for a well-rounded closet. If jumpsuits feel too fancy for an everyday look, rompers are a similar concept but much more casual. Not to mention, rompers are ideal for the warmer and sunnier days of the year.  

Find Your Aesthetic - Cute & Sexy 

Want a jaw-dropping sexy look? Pick a belt! A belt defines your waist and makes the overall look more feminine. Belts are also easy to dress your jumpsuit up or down–metal or jeweled belts elevate the outfit to impress, while simple belts complete your outfit.

Blazers will make your outfit look as sophisticated as you are! Your aesthetic will be chic and demonstrate professionalism–which can help ease you into the idea of a sexy jumpsuit if you’re new to wearing them. Add shoes, sneakers, wedges, flats, sandals, heels–they all work! It just depends on how easygoing or upscale you want to go. We recommend choosing a high heel or flat sandal for wide-leg jumpsuits, because either will create harmony with the pant leg’s flare and an elongated toe. 

Jumpsuit Accessories & Jewelry

Jewelry can take any outfit to the next level. Keeping the neckline in mind with jumpsuits is the key to a successful look, whether you’re going for casual or dressy.  For average necklines, choose a necklace that will make a statement, especially if your jumpsuit is a solid color. This can be anything from a chunky gold chain necklace to a designer look with a pop of bright accent color. If your jumpsuit has a high neckline, focus on shiny, long earrings to pull the look together. Whereas, when it comes to plunging necklines, layer different necklaces or use a choker to draw the eye upward.

Shop Hazel & Olive Jumpsuits for Women

Browse our carefully curated collection of cute jumpsuits for women to get your next look! Find casual jumpsuits as well as dressy jumpsuits all in one place. We believe in the ability to dress it up or down to make it the perfect ensemble for you. Shop the jumpsuit and romper trend now!