5 Must-Have Fall 2019 Trends

Natalie Tijerina

Posted on March 23 2020

5 Must-Have Fall 2019 Trends

Must-Have #1-Animal Print Everything

Featured: Adventure Abroad Leopard Dress, Now Trending Denim Jacket

No animals were harmed in the making of this blog, we just stole their look a little. If it's cheetah, leopard, snakeskin; we are wearing it. Animal print is the perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and make a statement as the Summer turns into Fall. If you already embraced this look over the Summer, then congrats, you get to wear it another season!


Must-Have #2-Leather Weather 

Featured: Award Winning Faux Leather Skirt Skirt, As If Cropped Cardigan

If you are a fan of dressing up or dressing down, then leather is a great choice for you. Leather doesn't have to wait for a special night out anymore. Want to wear it while running errands? Absolutely, you go and make that grocery aisle your catwalk girl! It may still be a bit warm outside, but you will be happy to have one as soon as those temperatures drop. 


Must-Have #3- Sweaters, Sweaters & Sweaters

Featured: Slopes and S'mores Sweater, Yachts & Kisses Shorts, Acrylic Hair Clip-Tan Glitter, East Hampton Beaded Earrings

Sweaters never go out of style, and especially not for this upcoming season.  Sweaters are simple, and yet you can still find one, or several, that makes you say, "Oh, that sweater is me!". If you don't feel like wearing bottoms, then maybe sweater dresses are the answer for you! Plus, us girls like to be comfy and that is the first word that comes to mind when we think about sweaters.


Must-Have #4- The 70's Called. We can still wear corduroy

Featured: Wine Country Overall Dress, Breezy Babe Long Sleeve Top, Stella Sunglasses

There is something nostalgic about corduroy, and it keeps coming back in style for a reason. There is just something about it that can just make your outfit look vintage and cool. Corduroy comes in different attire option; outerwear, bell bottoms, skirts. Add this texture to your outfit, and you are set! Don't be afraid to channel your inner 70's babe.


Must-Have #5- Graphic Tee & Cardigan

Featured: Sacramento Stroll Cardigan, Rainbow Lips Tee

Graphic tee's and cardigans are just a natural combination with endless possibilities. If this look is calling your name then you like to be just as cute n' comfy as we do! This look fits in perfectly for your favorite local coffee spot or a night-in with your favorite Netflix series. One thing is for sure, this combo won't disappoint.


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