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Accessories & Jewelry

No outfit is complete without some accessories! Whether your next event is casual or formal, Hazel & Olive has the accessories to complete your look.

Take a look at what we’ve got, and you'll find that one last touch to polish your poolside, date night, and everyday style–whether it’s a pair of sunglasses, rhinestone earrings, or an embroidered headband from our collection of hair accessories for women. Elevate your everyday outfit with essential women’s gold jewelry, like simple studs or beaded gold necklaces for layering


Styling Hair Accessories

Women’s hair accessories are perfect when you want your hair to have some pizzazz but don’t want to spend hours trying to wrangle it into a hairdo. Headbands, barrettes, claw clips, scrunchies, and head scarves are all great ways to switch things up with minimal effort. To keep your hair out for your face, you can even wear sunglasses as a last-minute hair accessory.

What’s amazing about a hair scarf is that it can be worn in multiple ways. You will want to pay attention to what patterns and colors of fabric you are pairing together. If you’re wearing a bold, statement color, it’ll have more impact when accompanied by a simpler, neutral-colored outfit. 

When putting on the hair scarf, you have many options to change things up. More classic looks include wearing it as a twisted headband, bandanna, cap, or wrap. You can also get creative and wear it as a ponytail tie, braid it into your hair, or wrap it around a high bun. 


The Power of Statement Bags

Statement bags are a great way to make outfits fun, spunky, and elegant. So, what makes a good statement bag? Statement bags typically use bold, unusual colors or patterns.

In some cases, statement bags can even take on unique sizes and shapes. For example, small purses or bags shaped like a rainbow can be very eye-catching. In addition to your everyday go-to handbags, you should consider arming your closet with a statement women’s shoulder bag or two to have fun with your style now and then. 

Here are three general styling rules that will help you pull a solid outfit together easier when you experiment with a powerful statement purse:

  1. Wear a neutral outfit to let the bag shine. 
  2. Statement bags tend to go better with outfits when they’re small. 
  3. Avoid giant bags. You want the boldness to flow and not be too jarring. Consider adding a small, semi-bold moment somewhere else in your outfit—this can be an accessory as small as a ring. 


Gain the Confidence You Deserve

When you go out in a killer outfit, you feel good. However, wearing creative and stylish outfits every day can get expensive quickly. Gain the confidence you deserve to feel every day without breaking the bank with the help of accessories.

Accessories are a seriously great way to personalize, switch up, and elevate the same clothes that you already wear. Whether you’re a fan of jewelry, hair accessories, purses, belts, or hats, every woman needs an accessory collection on hand. 


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