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Looking for the perfect jeans? Look no further, we've got them here! For the jean lover we have a wide variety of trendy distressed jeans, stylish bell bottoms, or classic white skinny jeans. Enjoy your weekend in one of our feminine ruffle skirts, classic denim skirts, or rock one of our bold snakeskin printed skirts. We know everyone has a different style, and that's why we stay stocked with cool and warm tones, feminine prints and edgy styles, and classic and distressed pieces. Cool off during the warmer months in a pair of denim shorts. Switch up your routine and style one of our paperbag shorts with a crop top, or pick a skort to go with the new bodysuit you found! If you're in need of new casual wear we have workout leggings, joggers, and cozy lounge pants to fit your needs! Hazel and Olive is a one stop shop for all of the trendiest women's fashion.