White, Black & Blue Denim & Jeans

Fall in love with jeans all over again with Hazel and Olive’s cute denim line. This collection is here to meet all your denim needs! It has everything from ripped jeans for women to distressed skinny jeans and bell-bottom jeans to white denim skirts and flare jeans for women.

How to Find the Perfect Denim for You

Feeling a little daunted at buying a new pair of women’s flare jeans? Not sure which distressed denim look is right for you? Don’t worry. Hazel and Olive has got you covered. Whether you want to play it safe or try something new, we’ve got options to flatter your figure and make you feel gorgeous. 

Consider Your Body Type

Are you more apple-shaped or pear-shaped? Slender or curvy? Your body type will impact how a particular style will look on you. Some styles may be flattering on some shapes. All you need to know is what suits you best. 

For apple shapes, try: 

  • Mid-rise waist
  • Bootcut leg
  • Boyfriend
  • Straight leg
  • Skinny

For pear shapes, try: 

  • Low-rise waists
  • Flare leg
  • Skinny

For hourglass shapes, try: 

  • Mid-rise waist
  • Flare leg
  • Straight leg
  • Skinny

Take Your Measurements

Obviously, if you want a pair of ripped jeans for women to look great on you, you’ll need to buy the correct size. Before you set out to purchase new jeans, take your measurements and compare them to the denim you currently own. It may surprise you that you’ve been wearing the wrong size. 

To take your measurements, get a measuring tape or a piece of string that you can mark and measure later. Measure your waist, hips, thighs, and inseam, and note your measurements. It may be easiest to ask a friend to help you. 

Once you know your numbers, check our Hazel and Olive sizing chart to determine your size. This way, you can purchase online confidently and be sure to get clothes that will fit. 

Choose a Wash or Color

Part of the fun of denim is the wash. The way and number of times that denim is washed will determine the depth of color and the textured look of the fabric. There’s no right or wrong wash; it all comes down to personal preference, so choose whatever you like best. 

Dark or “raw” Wash - This denim has usually not been washed, meaning that the dye will be dark and crisp, and the fabric may feel a bit stiffer. 

Medium Wash
This denim has been washed a few shades lighter than dark wash. This is the most classic denim wash. 

Light Wash
Much lighter than dark and medium wash, light wash can have an almost faded light-blue look that lends itself to casual attire. A light wash can be especially fun in ripped jeans for women. 

White Denim
White denim has been neither washed nor dyed, leaving it a pristine white color. 

Black Denim
Dyed black rather than blue, this denim can come in various shades. 

Cute Denim Jeans, Shirts, Shorts, Rompers & Jumpsuits

Pair all of our denim styles with a classic graphic band tee, or dress it up with a statement smiley-face printed top. No matter the occasion or time of year, Hazel and Olive Boutique is always near to help you out. You’ll fall in love with our great selection. Get your items within 2-4 business days with our fast and free shipping! 

Looking for other types of bottoms? We’ve got those too!