5 Best Date Night Outfits for Spring

Parker Johnson

Posted on March 30 2022

5 Best Date Night Outfits for Spring

When the weather starts to warm up again, it’s time to go through your wardrobe and bring out your best date night outfits for spring. When working with good weather, it’s so much easier to find a variety of fun and flirty statement pieces that’ll make great impressions in the dating world, so take advantage of this time! If you’re unsure where to start or are just looking for new ideas, we have the perfect list of cute spring date night outfits

No matter what activity you are doing for date night, there are always ways to “dress up” your look a little to make it more date-worthy. Whether you add jewelry or cute shoes, even casual outfits can make an impact. 

1. Dress With Heels 

When it comes to spring, a stylish dress is a classic option that can fit any personality. Depending on where you’re going, you can pick a casual or more frilly and fun dress. If it’s still a little chilly at night, opt for a longer hemline and add layers, like a jean jacket or sleek blazer. 

Take advantage of spring trends and give pastels and florals a try when picking out your dress. To finish the outfit, try wearing chunky heels to add to your flirty look while still keeping it semi-casual and sweet. 

2. Elegant Jumpsuit 

A jumpsuit can be a fun look that also has the potential to look elegant. The right jumpsuit can give off major “boss lady” vibes, so if you’re ready to give off the impression that you are independent and confident, this look is for you. Even a more causal jumpsuit can easily be spiced up and made date night ready with a sleek belt and jewelry. 

With jumpsuits, you have options with shoe styles as well. For a more casual date you need to be able to move around in, try wearing a pair of trendy sneakers. Alternatively, some classy and comfortable flats or heels are perfect for a dinner date. 

3. Leather Pants with a Blouse

Good quality leather pants are always a golden look. Leather pants are perfect for date nights that involve going to a concert, bar, club, moody restaurant, or anything else that intersects with typical nightlife activities. A pretty blouse and a pair of flirty heels go well with this edgy look. With the blouse, you have the freedom to make this look as conservative or as revealing as you like for a date night. The blouse is a great place to bring in your own style and make this look your own. 

4. Blue Jeans with a Blazer 

Everyone loves their blue jeans, but they often get left behind on date nights for being too casual. Luckily, you don’t have to count them out quite yet! Elevating the classic jean look is as easy as adding a cute blazer to your ensemble. 

This is a great date night outfit for spring, and you can incorporate the essence of spring by going with a pastel-colored blazer. Blazers don’t just have to be neutral-colored. If you prefer bolder looks, pair your jeans with a bright-colored blazer and some eye-catching heels. 

5. Leather Jacket and Booties

A leather jacket with booties is another classic date night look and is perfect for the weeks when you’re still waiting for those spring nights to warm up a bit. The possibilities for what you can wear with this combo are endless. You can do a skirt, jeans, or dark pants. You can even pair a leather jacket and booties with a full-of-frills dress, which creates the perfect combination of sweet and edgy. 

Find Your Next Date Night Outfit

Now that you know what cute spring date night outfits to wear, check out Hazel & Olive! No matter what look you want, we have an abundance of date-worthy clothing that will cover all the bases. Making a good first impression is important, so don’t skip out on investing in a few solid statement pieces. Explore our dresses and other outfits today!

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