Not Sure What Color Shoes to Wear with a Navy Dress? How to Style 5 Dresses to Perfection

Taylor McMillan

Posted on April 21 2022

Not Sure What Color Shoes to Wear with a Navy Dress? How to Style 5 Dresses to Perfection


There is nothing worse than finding the perfect pretty dress that looks amazing on you, only to not have great shoes to go with it. Not sure what color shoes to wear with your navy dress? Or, do you have a new pair of bold shoes that you love but can’t find an outfit to pair them with? You’re in the right place! Hazel & Olive has crafted a style guide to help you complete your outfit for any occasion. 

1. The Classic “Little Black Dress”

It’s a staple in every woman’s closet for a reason. A “little black dress” can be made to fit any occasion, and one of the reasons it’s so versatile is how much you can dress it up or down. And how do you style it for anything? Shoes, shoes, shoes! If you need to make it more casual, slip on some flats or sandals. If you’re using the dress for fancier purposes, you can make the dress as “extra” as you need to with heels. 

As for colors, the sky is the limit with this kind of dress. Black, nude, white, or brown shoes are a great way to keep the look more simple while still elegant. However, if you’re looking to add some spice to the outfit, take advantage of the neutral black color and pair it with a statement shoe with prints, bold colors, or unique designs. If you have a crazy-bold hot pink shoe in the back of your closet, here’s its chance to shine. 

2. Navy Dresses

Navy pairs well with many colors, so it’s hard to go wrong with a lovely navy dress. A favorite and classic match is navy and red. A red heel can tie together a navy dress ensemble, and it can fit almost every occasion. Whether you’re going to a family gathering, a date, dinner, or even an interview, a navy dress with red shoes can never go wrong. 

Other colors that go with navy include nude, gold, white, silver, brown, black, and even green—Yes, we said green. If you’re looking for a bold, unique, and chic look, give a green heel a try, and you may just fall in love with it. 

3. A White Dress

Nude, gold, and brown are common colors that work well with white. You can’t go wrong with those shoe styles. Another fabulous option that not too many people think of is a pastel orange, yellow, or pink. Shoes with bright patterns or bold colors can also add a pop to your favorite white dress. This is a great way to embody the spring season with a white dress outfit. Just add a matching handbag, and you’ll feel like a cover model. 

4. The Bold Red Dress

Are you wondering what color shoes to wear with a red dress? Red dresses tend to be bolder, so the occasion will dictate what shoes you choose to wear. If you have a cocktail party or another fancy event to attend, gold shoes go great with a red dress and elevate it even more.

Another great shoe style for pairing with a red dress is a nude-color shoe. Nude heels match all colors well and can simplify the outfit for more casual events. If you have a red dress that you want to show off, a nude heel will keep the focus on the dress rather than the accessories. In general, white, black, silver, platinum, gold, and brown shoes can also look stunning with the right red dress.

5. A Cute Pink Moment

Pink dresses can vary significantly in shades, so you should use your best judgment when styling this color. What will look good with a neon pink will be different than what suits a softer pink. As a rule of thumb, nude, black, white, brown, grey, blush pink, purple, and yellow are excellent potential candidates for pink dresses. In addition, consider a metallic-hued option, as most shades of pink can sparkle with the right metallic shoe.

Find the Perfect Color Combinations with Hazel & Olive

Are you finally feeling confident in how to style shoes with dresses? Hazel & Olive always has great new styles for you to add to your closet. Whether you’re looking to stock up on classic clothing or shoe colors, we have what you need. Shop our new arrivals now! 

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