Beach Trip Essentials Every Girl Needs

Parker Johnson

Posted on June 28 2022

Beach Trip Essentials Every Girl Needs

If you’re anything like us, you need no excuse to hit the beach when you can. Maybe you’re traveling with friends, family, or your partner or live close enough to make it a weekly indulgence. Whatever is the occasion, the right women’s beach shoes, a cute beach skirt cover-up, and something a little more daring to change into later are all absolute musts. 

What are your beach wear essentials? You’ll find some of ours below. To us, no vacation is complete without an unforgettable look, whether it’s morning, noon, or night.

1. A Well-Stocked Beach Bag

A new beach bag is the first thing on our list when we have an upcoming beach trip. But you’ll need to remember everything that goes in it before taking off.

Staying hydrated on the beach is vital, as is staying fed, balmed, and entertained. A big reusable water bottle, your favorite sunscreen, something fun to read, an external phone charger, and a snack or two are all excellent ways to keep the party rolling uninterrupted. It’s like they say in the Scouts: always be prepared.

2. Beach Trip Shoes

Women’s beach shoes come in many forms—fun jelly sandals, leather flip-flops, and casual wedges all have their place. You may follow your day on the beach with dinner or a stroll down the pier at the very least. A splurge on unique shoes will chart the course for a night you won’t likely forget.

We encourage you to bring extra beach trip shoes according to your plans. A third pair, something comfortable like some cute sneakers, will have you covered no matter where the evening takes you and your crew.

3. The Right Eyewear

A cute sun hat is made all the more glamorous with a new pair of sunglasses. Whether you’re going full-on Audrey Hepburn or prefer something like a classic pair of Ray-Bans, this is one must-have that will make your trip unforgettable.

As far as beach trip essentials are concerned, a new pair of sunglasses is an investment every girl deserves when summer rolls around. You can’t beat the mystique of a pair of trendy oversized sunglasses, even after the sun goes down.

4. Something Classy

Is a “little black dress” essential? Hardly, especially if it just isn’t your thing—cute beach trip shirts over a prim pair of slacks or a long, breezy skirt can help keep things low-key. 

Cleaning up doesn’t mean making your look feel stuffy and stiff. Match more casual fare with accessories like big, beachy straw hats, long layered necklaces, shell jewelry, and body chains for a unique, vacation-inspired spin.

5. A Cute Beach Skirt Cover-Up

It’s safe to say that much of your trip will be spent in a swimsuit. But what about brunch, coffee, or a jaunt around town?

Consider Beach trip shirts, a beach cover-up romper, a wrap-around sarong, or a full beach skirt cover-up. You’ll be prepared to step off of the sand at any time without walking around in your swimwear. We always have this beach trip essential in our beach bag—you should, too.

6. The Perfect Bikini

Is it even vacation without a new bikini to show off? We love bikinis in every possible color this season—and right now, we’re obsessed with all things floral. If you’re feeling more demure, you can’t go wrong with a simple black bikini, or, better yet: our favorite in bright white, with gold and green accents.

If you plan on hitting the surf, you’ll want to choose beach trip essentials hardy enough for the ocean and the sand. Sportier beach-goers may opt out of a two-piece entirely, but even a bodysuit can make a splash. It’s not the outfit, after all—it’s the person wearing it.

Shop Beach Trip Essentials with Us

With new arrivals rolling in nearly every week, you’ll always be able to find something incredible to love in our online boutique.

Make the most of your next big beach trip, no matter when you happen to be hitting it. Women’s beach shoes, beach trip shirts, and other beach trip essentials are all waiting to make your vacation memorable. We’ll watch for you out there!

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