Easy Breezy Date Night Outfits for Summer

Parker Johnson

Posted on May 26 2022

Easy Breezy Date Night Outfits for Summer

Coming up with fresh summer date night outfits isn’t always easy. If you’re stuck in a rut, you might be bored with your usual collection of essentials.

We’ve been there. Summer is the perfect time to try something new—summer skirts for women, youthful streetwear, or even something a bit more polished than what you’re used to can all shake things up the next time you and your favorite person need to get out of the house.

Summer Florals

First up is one summer trend that can apply equally to both your favorite summer date night outfits and your handbag. Bright florals leave an impression and can take the edge off of a more formally-cut dress or outfit.

Simple florals over black is an all-time classic, whether you wear it on your body, your feet, or even in the form of a cute, upholstered piece of jewelry. A gorgeous floral dress can be elevated easily into something fancy enough for dinner if you choose the right accent—an understated gold hairpiece may be the crowing touch you need.

Sexy Bodysuits

We love a coordinated look for summer. Full-on statement outfits can often be a splurge, but you can have it all on a dime with the right bodysuit.

This season, we find ourselves keeping things simple; all-black tunic jumpsuits, bold bodysuits with punchy color blocks, and gauzy, resort-style tunics in pure white can all make a huge splash, even when worn for the night.

Hip-Hugging Knits

Curvy queens, this is one category of summer date night outfits made just for you. Slinky knits leave little to the imagination, and many are basic enough to make your own with all of your favorite date night accessories.

Whether you’re more inclined toward a summer mini dress, a soft and sexy maxi skirt, or a cute knit top scant enough to keep you cool, your date will not be disappointed.

Down-to-Earth Chic

What are the best summer date night outfits for girls who just want to have fun? Is wearing jeans on a date a faux pas? What about some cute shorts?

Frankly, we love a laid-back look, especially if you’re just grabbing a drink and some casual eats downtown. Jeans and a cute top let you unleash a little more creativity by way of your accessories without snowballing yourself into a look that’s overdramatic or too over-the-top, and a fresh face might be a welcome change of scenery if you usually go all-out at the Sephora counter.

Honestly, all you need is the right top and the attitude necessary to truly work it. Breezy summer hairstyles and cute touches like oversized scrunchies and plush purses keep things light-hearted for the evening. Why so serious, anyway?

The “Just-Barely-There”

We don’t necessarily mean midriff-bearing theme outfits, although these can be excellent at the right venue and for the right occasion. Instead, we’re talking whisper-thin silk tops paired with a skirts and drapey, delicate cocktail dresses—clingy in all the right places.

It’s a sexy look, and guaranteed to impress if you love a look that thrills. A simple pair of pearl earrings and a scant pair of stilettos can complete your evening, along with a classy, compact leather clutch.

Ruches, Ruffles, and Other Fanfare

What’s your favorite one-of-a-kind boutique score? Unique summer dresses, summer skirts for women, and one-of-a-kind artisan wear are all big winners in our eyes. The flouncier, the better. 

Choosing an outfit that moves with you is the perfect way to keep your date’s eyes right where they belong. You don’t need to go full-on ballerina, although we’re definitely all about a full, layered tulle skirt when we’re feeling fierce. 

The Eternal LBD

You’ll never catch us denying the power of the perfect little black dress (LBD). Does every summer mini dress fit the bill? Perhaps not, but many of our warm-weather faves offer a novel, contemporary take on the safest date night bet you can ever make.

A Bardot neckline is one obvious summer variation to look out for when you’re shopping—choose an LBD that flatters your natural figure. A few pops of bling—a simple diamond necklace or your most iconic pair of stud earrings—will complete the look, along with an alluring pair of kitten heels or flats.

Summer Date Night Outfits We Love

The look of a lifetime is often just a few finishing touches away. Who wants to wear the same thing on every single date? Our advice: bust your look down and build it back up from the bottom floor. 

Where’s the best place to start? Find your next favorite summer mini dress or other date night outfit with Hazel & Olive—from top to bottom, we truly do it all. Your summer wardrobe is right here with us.

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