How to Style Oversized Shirts

Parker Johnson

Posted on March 10 2022

How to Style Oversized Shirts


Oversized shirts are so stylish these days, but if you don’t wear them often or haven't worn them before, it can be tricky to know how to make them look their best. If you’re not sure how to find your style, experimenting with cute trends like oversized shirts is a great way to start!

Our number one tip is to have confidence. While it might feel a little strange to wear oversized shirts at first, if you believe you can rock it, everyone else will believe it too. 

With that, let’s explore how to style oversized shirts.

Style 1: Go With The Flow

Oversized shirts are big and baggy; embrace it! Don’t tug at your clothes, don’t try to hide it—celebrate the flowy, comfortable, stylish look of wearing a big shirt. It’s ok if things get baggy, bunchy, or slide off your shoulder a bit. It’s part of the fun!

 We’ve got so many cute and flowy tops that speak for themselves. Throw on a pair of jeans, and you’ve got an effortless, eye-catching outfit. Check out our full collection of tops for inspiration. Check out our full collection of tops for inspiration.

Style 2: Get French 

The French tuck should be your new best friend when you’re figuring out how to style oversized shirts. It’s a half-tucked, half-untucked look that embodies the best of that alluring je-ne-sais-quoi attitude. 

You can use the French tuck with any kind of oversized shirt, but it lends itself especially well to cable-knit sweaters and men’s dress shirts. We fully support you in raiding your boyfriend’s closet (or hitting the thrift store) to accomplish the latter look.  

Pair a French-tucked shirt into your best pair of cute bottoms like mom jeans or boyfriend jeans.

Style 3: Fully Tucked

Fully tucking an oversized shirt creates a super-flattering waistline and accentuates your curves. It transforms your oversized shirt with a blousy look. If you like the French tuck, you’ll love the fully tucked look too. 

Fully tucked shirts are especially cute when dressed up with flowy, stylish trousers (bonus points for bright, solid colors). Get some inspiration for your wardrobe with our collection of oversized shirts. The full-tucking possibilities are endless.   

Style 4: Make It a Dress

When it comes to figuring out how to style oversized shirts, sometimes you have to think outside the box. For example, oversized shirts don’t just have to be casual. 

An oversized shirt or t-shirt can make a fabulous and incredibly flirty dress. Paired with some chunky or cowgirl boots or even some cute strappy heels, an oversized shirt-turned-dress can be the perfect look for a night out with the girls.

If you’re a little worried about a fashion malfunction, you can always wear some biker shorts or leggings underneath to cover your bum or give yourself a little extra length by pairing your oversized shirt with a flirty skirt

Find Your Style with Hazel & Olive

Hazel & Olive has so many cute oversized shirts and dresses for you to wear. Don’t be afraid to jump right in and learn how to style oversized shirts on yourself. 

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