From Mom Fashion to HOT Mom Fashion in 11 Steps

Parker Johnson

Posted on March 03 2022

From Mom Fashion to HOT Mom Fashion in 11 Steps

Listen to us: Every mom is a hot mom. The miracle of growing life and giving everything you have to raise a big-hearted human being is incredibly sexy, no matter who you are. 

But, if you’re a mom who feels like your current mom fashion isn’t living up to your ideal, don’t worry. Hazel & Olive encourages you to put a spring back in your step by making a few trending mom fashion choices that reflect what everyone already knows—you’re hot! We’ve got your back.

1. Don’t Know Where to Begin? Check Out Our Best Sellers

    If you’re a little befuddled on where to begin your hot mom fashion makeover, check out our Best Sellers page. Here you’ll find all the most popular clothing women like you are buying. Click on any item, and you’ll be all set.

    2. Swap a Naked Neck for a Bedecked Neck

      It literally takes 10 seconds to accessorize with a necklace, bracelet, or earrings, which seems too easy given the extra oomph it provides. The way jewelry catches the light will make your décolletage shine as bright as your heart.

      May we suggest a delicate pendant or a chunky chain necklace? We think they add just the right finishing touch to any outfit.

      3. Say “No Thanks” to the Fitted Tee and “Yes, Please” to the Oversized One

        There’s nothing wrong with a tight tee, but trending now is oversized ones that glide over your mom bod with ease and comfort. So take advantage of this forgiving style and get yourself into our graphic tees. 

        Better yet, balance the long top with bare legs, and you’ve got sexiness for days.

        4. Forget the Flip-Flops and Slip into Slides

          There are many times when you just need to quickly throw on a pair of shoes and get out the door. Well, it doesn’t take any effort at all to step into some slides and leave the house feeling a lot more put together. You’ll find yourself with a nice little bounce in your step.

          5. Bid Goodbye to Your Old Jacket and Welcome Your New Shacket

            Shackets are all the rage, and for good reason. They’re warm, comfortable, and come in every color. Throw one over any outfit to instantly update it with the current style.

            Our favorites come in cream, light green, or lavender plaid. 

            6. Let Lingerie Leave the Bedroom

              Maybe this trend isn’t in your comfort zone, but you never know until you try. It’s simple. Style a bodysuit or corset top with a skirt and a leather jacket, and you’ve got the perfect thing to wear out on the town and at home afterward. Just think of it as being efficient, and every mom could use a bit more efficiency in her life…

              Dip your toe in with a full-coverage bodysuit or be bold wearing a lacy bustier.

              7. Take It Easy with a Two-Piece Set

                Some days you’ll find yourself staying in your sweats all day. Which, honestly, is totally fine! But on the days when you want to rock a put-together style without the hassle, reach for a two-piece set to save the day. Now you never have to worry about coordinating separates. 

                Bonus: Mix and match your sets for never-ending, unique looks.

                8. Skinny Jeans Be Gone (Finally!)

                  We’ve all been waiting a long time to let our legs breathe again. And to many moms, a jump back to the 90s is oh-so-familiar and fun. So finally, a style of jeans you already know you can pull off.

                  Wide-leg jeans are where it’s at now, and don’t forget the rips and holes. We have plenty of options in this arena, like our distressed high-rise jeans.

                  9. Drop the Cover-Up and Show Off Instead

                    Don’t you dare be shy about your post-baby body—it’s beautiful, no filters needed! Strut what you’ve got down to the pool or beach in our latest swim styles. We’ve got loads, including colorful bikinis and swanky one pieces.

                    10. Don’t Forget to Dress for the Occasion

                      Yes, you can surely wear whatever you want, no matter if you’re heading to a girls’ brunch, a school orchestra concert, a hot date with your hubby, or watching the big game at the bar. No matter the occasion, dress for it to make it all the more fun. 

                      We’ve got dresses for brunch, gameday, vacation, and everything in between.

                      11. Above All, Wear What You Want

                        We’ve given you plenty of hot mom fashion choices, but what’s important above all else is that you wear what you want, where you want, whenever you want. 

                        Because what makes hot mom fashion so appealing is confidence. When you feel good about what you’re wearing, your personality comes out to play. And that’s really what fashion is all about.

                        That’s It!

                        Can you believe that’s all it takes to shift your mom fashion into hot mom fashion? It couldn’t be easier, which is exactly what you need during these long days of tending to your precious people. Plus, when you show care for yourself, you’re setting a good example for your littles. It’s a win-win!

                        Give a Gift to a Mom

                        After you finish shopping for yourself, throw an extra little gift into your shopping cart. If you know a mom who could use a little fashion pick-me-up, give her an H&O gift card and a little me-time to get herself something she’ll love.

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