It’s Sundress Season, Ladies. Are You Prepared?

Parker Johnson

Posted on August 24 2022

It’s Sundress Season, Ladies. Are You Prepared?

When it’s nice outside, there is no better way to celebrate the season than cute sundresses for women. As card-carrying summer aficionados for life, nothing brings us joy like a closet brimming with cute sundresses.

With plenty of sunny days still ahead of us, we figured we would share our guide to sundresses for every occasion. They’re fun, flirty, and come in every style imaginable—which ones will you choose?

1. Mini Sundresses

If you’ve got a brunch date al fresco, a mini sundress is the ultimate way to soak up some rays as you enjoy a delicious afternoon date. These free-spirited sundresses for women work just as well on a walk through a new city as they do on a trip to your favorite museum.

Cute sundresses in this style run the gamut—babydoll dresses, hip-hugging mini dresses, A-line dresses, and even short sundresses with sleeves all bring their own unique appeal to the table. Even sporty mini dresses have been on our radar this season.

Looks Great With: Play them up with a cute pair of chunky slip-ons or a bold pair of platform sneakers.

2. Midi Sundresses

Midi dresses often get passed over in favor of their more extreme counterparts. To us, though, they’re the perfect compromise between something sexy and something a little more demure.

We love cute summer dresses of this length for concerts, special events like attending a loved one’s graduation, or for kickbacks and bonfires kept cool and low-key.

Looks Great With: These sundresses for women hit the calf, so if you’ve got some fabulous footwear or ankle bracelets, they’ll be the perfect way to show off. 

They also work well with dynamic hair accessories—unleash your inner goddess, and look incredible at the same time.

3. Maxi Sundresses

What’s the best way to make a splash at your family’s next big barbecue or reunion? Few sundresses for women will fit the bill like easy, breezy, full-length sundresses. These show-shoppers can be styled in a number of ways, and their jaw-dropping hemlines can be dramatic as all-get-out.

Looks Great With: Maxi dresses in light fabrics like cotton and white linen are perfect for vacation, especially if you’re heading to the beach or the desert. Toss on a wide-brimmed sun hat, layer on a few long necklaces, and slip into your favorite wedges for a casual vibe that won’t keep you stuck in your hotel bathroom all morning.

4. Floral Sundresses

Cute sundresses with flowers are an absolute classic, and they’re not just for hipsters or pin-up enthusiasts, either. We’re big fans of colorful, classic florals on dark fabric, but there are many ways to buy into this versatile favorite.

Embroidered sundresses with a floral motif are precious and often of high quality. If you’ve got a cowgirl in you dying to get out, choose floral sundresses in light, airy fabric and basic colors that are easy on the eyes. 

Looks Great With: Deep brown leather accessories work well with simpler florals like white flowers over colorful shades like yellow, green, and baby blue.

5. Layering Sundresses

When the sun has set for the evening, you will need something to keep you warm and cozy all night long. If your day takes you out into the night, it’s always a good idea to have something to layer over your outfit.

For us, a long, thick cardigan, casual jacket, or shacket only offers another layer of fashion. Jean jackets are perfect for casual porch hangs or late-night walks on the beach with bae or your bestie—it’s one of our favorite ways to get more bang out of every sundress we own. 

Looks Great With: If you live in a cooler area, accessories like scarves and shawls impart a delicate, feminine touch.

6. Formal Sundresses

For once-in-a-lifetime soirées like weddings, you’ll need something just a little extra in your back pocket. Layered sundresses, designer-inspired sundresses, and the hottest trends du jour will all fit the bill swimmingly.

For special events, we recommend choosing cute sundresses that feature only a single color or even a bold block-out design for special occasions. Billowing sleeves, classy details like lapels, and plunging necklines all scream luxury. Now, all you need is the perfect hairstyle, shoes, and clutch to seal the deal. The simpler your sundress, the bigger you can dream about the accouterments accentuating the outfit.

Looks Great With: A LBD-Esque ensemble practically screams for an elegant pair of chandelier earrings dripping with diamonds. Red carpet-ready? We think so.

7. A Pop of Color

Finally, one of our favorite trends of the season. When you’re kicking it solo, and all eyes are on you, go bold with cute sundresses in outlandishly eye-catching shades like fuchsia, sea foam green, marigold, or any of your favorite larger-than-life colors.

Alternatively, you might consider something neutral (we love denim spaghetti strap sundresses for women right now) paired with one statement accessory. 

Looks Great With: Bright afghan knits, one-of-a-kind pumps, and the perfect novelty bag can elevate your favorite everyday look to extraordinary new heights.

Cute Sundresses for Women You’re Going to Love

With new arrivals added daily, we’ve always got something brand new in store to share with the fashionistas of the world. Mostly, we want to encourage you to dive headfirst into one of our favorite times of the year in pristine style.

How will you know which of our favorite sundresses for women are for you? Everything we sell fits true to size, and returns and exchanges are free. Shop risk-free when you choose Hazel & Olive and feel the difference the right set of summer sundresses can make for you this season.

No matter what you decide to bring home to your collection, you’ll be guaranteed sundresses curated for style, quality, and trend factor. We believe in a wardrobe that goes everywhere you do—shop today for cute sundresses for every occasion.

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