The World Is Your Runway. Own it With Boutique Shoes and Heels

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Posted on August 11 2022

Hazel & Olive dark pink open-toed boutique heels.

With the right pair of nude or black heels, the world is yours. 

Boutique shoes don’t have to be reserved strictly for overly formal affairs. Their simple, elegant style makes them a versatile choice for various occasions. What types of boutique shoes should you have in your closet? Read on to find out.

The 6 Types of Heels

Before we dive into the necessities, let’s discuss nude heels, black heels, and other types of boutique shoes and heels in more detail. How many of these do you already adore?

1. Kitten Heels

Baby’s first pair of black heels? Absolutely. Many of us will remember wearing our first pair of heels in this form, which you’ll recognize by their short and slightly curved stiletto heels. They’re a popular introduction to heels because they’re simple, easy to walk in, and feminine enough for any occasion. 

First popularized by Audrey Hepburn in the 1950s, these stylish and practical boutique shoes can impart a polished edge to any outfit.

Nude or black heels of this modest height are very cute, but they also lend themselves well to alternative looks and styles. For example, a rustic pair of leather kitten heels with colorful fabric accents can become a casual favorite with jeans. Many also include vintage accents and hardware for a one-of-a-kind look that feels just like the Golden Age of Hollywood.

2. Continental Heels

Continental heels are what many fashionistas refer to simply as high heels. These are your everyday pair of professional heels, with a straight line leading the foot to a definitive, flat platform on the floor.

To us, these are absolutely vital for any young career-minded woman—they’re sleek, classy, polished, and usually won’t call too much attention to themselves. A must-have, ideally in both black heels and nude heels.

Mint colored open toed heels

3. Pumps

Pump heels feature a characteristic “jut” up from the ground, suspending the wearer into a sexy, gorgeous, levitating posture high off of the ground. 

We love to party, and sky-high pumps are the perfect way to make a splash in any room and in any crowd. Black heels in this style are awesome, but they’re also the perfect base for flashier fare. They’re statement shoes to their very core and pair perfectly with every type of jewelry

Nude stiletto heels with pearl straps.

4. Stiletto Heels

Stilettos are known for their long, luxe, sexy support system—they’re tall by definition, and every world-class designer offers their own take on this timeless style. 

To us, there is no finer choice for a wedding or any other formal affair. Black heels, delicate and sky-high, elevate any dress or outfit to its pitch-perfect apex. You’ll know you’ve found the right pair for you the second you slip them on.

Nude wedge heels made of straw material.

5. Wedge Heels

Are wedged boutique shoes considered “heels” in a strictly technical sense? To be honest, we love them too much not to include them in this list. They come in a myriad of styles, but all in a supportive, versatile package. They’re perfect for vacation, brunch, or even just bopping around town.

If you love height but hate feeling like you’re wobbling, the right pair of wedges might be your perfect choice. They’re the best way to go if you love to play with different styles and textures. Cork wedges? Leather wedges? Plexiglass wedges? Why not go big with your look? If you can dream it, chances are you’ll find it.

White chunky heels with white tie up straps.

6. Chunky Heels

You’ll find plenty of open-toed nude heels out there, and there are few occasions where they won’t make the grade. You’ll also find booties and even full-length boots that fit this style, which are always a bold and arresting way to finish your ensemble off.

Mostly, we love blocky heels because they offer all the stability of a wedge without losing the entire profile of the heel. Retro, contemporary, or otherwise, this clean style will always find its way into our own closets season after season.

Boutique Shoes Every Girl Needs

You’ll never catch us without a few essential boutique shoes in our closet. 

Every burgeoning fashionista should own: 

  • A classic pair of take-no-prisoners black heels or pumps
  • A neutral pair of nude, taupe, gray, or beige pumps for your everyday look
  • A pair of statement boutique shoes that fit your own unique style to a T
  • A pair of heeled boots, ideally dark leather and high quality
  • A casual pair of chunky heels or wedges

When you’re always armed with these essential boutique shoes, you won’t ever have to think twice when an important evening like a wedding or professional event pops up on your calendar. With the perfect pair of black heels or nude heels already in your closet, dressing things up or down becomes a simple matter of mood.

Still on the prowl for that one pair you can wear for work, date night, and everything in between? At Hazel & Olive, there’s always something new to check out. You can trust us with your look every time.

Shop our latest and find the perfect pair of boutique shoes of boutique shoes for you. 

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