Must-Have Closet Staples That Work Year Round

Taylor McMillan

Posted on December 03 2021

Must-Have Closet Staples That Work Year Round

Staying stylish can feel like a full-time job. Basic wardrobe essentials should make things simple, but when you need new clothes for every season? Forget it. Until now. Your guide to year-round style and closet staples is here.


We like her, and we love her, ladies: presenting the shacket! When a shirt and jacket meet, beautiful things happen. 

Sometimes we get clothing items we love, but they end up being a one-trick pony. The shacket definitely doesn’t qualify. Shackets are perfect for all seasons, especially spring and fall. They’re not as heavy as a classic jacket, and shackets are great for layering. 

Dress your shacket up by layering it over a dress, or keep it casual with a crop top and jeans!

Essential Style Tip

Level up the versatility of your shacket by getting one in a neutral color. That’ll give you way more flexibility when it matches literally everything. 

Graphic Tees

Have something to say? Let your graphic tee do the talking. Graphic tees come in so many styles with different messages that you can always find one that speaks to your personality and sense of style. 

Graphic tees are a classic that never quite goes out of style. How could they? They’re so much fun! This closet staple can be worn fitted or oversized and still look awesome. 

The possibilities are endless with graphic tees. You can go grunge and wear your graphic tee under layers and layers of flannel and dark lipstick, or stick to the trends by pairing them with biker shorts. 

Essential Style Tip

Go oversized on your graphic tee! Wear them with biker shorts in the summer or tucked into jeans in the winter. And when you’re done? Use your oversized graphic tee as a pajama top!

Mini Dresses

Invite your lovely legs to the party by adding a classic mini dress to your wardrobe. A mini dress is the perfect starting point for so many outfits. From summer to winter, a mini dress will never let you down.

Mini dresses can say whatever you want them to say! Grab a pair of heels and some gorgeous jewelry to wow your date at that fancy restaurant. Switch those heels for sandals, or grab a jean jacket for a more casual look. There are so many options you’ll never get through them all. 

Stay comfortable in all four seasons with one of our favorite closet essentials

Essential Style Tip

Wear your mini dress all winter with leggings and boots. Layer a sweater over your favorite summer mini dress to trick everyone into thinking you just bought a new dress. 


With the ability to transform any outfit and always made for walking, let’s talk boots. Boots can really elevate your whole look, so it’s good that there are so many options available. 

The days are gone when skinny was the only silhouette for jeans, but boots in all styles still reign supreme. 

For tighter jeans or short dresses, the sky's the limit on boot height. Rock some over-the-knee or riding boots. If you’re exploring wider leg pants, stick to shorter ankle boots. 

Essential Style Tip

For longer-looking legs, wear short boots that hit at the thinnest part of your ankle, or go straight for over-the-knee boots. Knee- or calf-height boots still deserve a spot in your closet but won’t deliver the sizzle of that elongating effect. 

Find Closet Staples That Work Year Round with Hazel & Olive

Seasons and styles change, and that’s why having closet staples that work for multiple seasons is so important. Once you have the essentials in your wardrobe, it’s time to have fun. Shackets, boots in all styles, mini dresses, and graphic tees will work for you year after year, giving you lots of time to explore the latest trends. 

Get classic staples and new trends at Hazel and Olive. Whether you’re shopping for a special occasion, a wardrobe revamp, or just a treat-yourself day, Hazel and Olive has it all!

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