Here’s How to Accessorize Like a Pro: 6 Tips

Taylor McMillan

Posted on December 21 2021

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Accessories can take a bland outfit to something worth ‘gramming. Add some hoop earrings and a necklace, and your basic tee is noteworthy. Complement a simple pencil skirt with a statement bag, and you’re turning heads!

Yet it sometimes feels impossible to get that perfectly effortless look—you know, like you just threw it together as you were dashing out the door? 

If your accessorizing game could use a level-up, we’re here to help. Follow these tips to learn how to accessorize like Rachel Zoe any day of the week.


1. Don’t Worry about Matching

That’s right, we said it! Gone are the days when you need to worry about matching your belt and shoes or every piece of jewelry you have on. Kick the strict rules to the curb and just have fun with it! In fact, matchy-matchy jewelry can make an outfit look dated. Today’s freshest looks pair silver and gold, black and brown, white and nude, etc. So be bold—rock that silver necklace with gold hoops.



2. Go for Balance

As with all aspects of design, balance is key. If you’re wearing an outfit that shouts for attention, show restraint by wearing more subtle accessories. And if you’re wearing something basic, take it up a notch with elevated bling. The key is to let one part of your look shine—otherwise, every piece will be competing for attention, and you’ll look, well, a little over-the-top.


3. Dress for the Occasion

The cool thing about accessories is that they can quickly transform your look for a different occasion—without actually changing your clothes. Want to take your dress from the office to an after-work cocktail hour? Swap out your subtle rings and bracelets for something more exciting. Voilà! You’re ready to roll. Need to tone down a statement dress for a school function? Throw on a blazer and flats, and you’ve got yourself a daytime-appropriate look. Magic! 



4. Try Pattern-Mixing

Just as outright matching is a thing of the past, true fashionistas are trying their hand at pattern-mixing to add interest to any outfit. We won’t lie to you—pattern-mixing can go south quickly. But if you take things slow and follow a few basic rules, you can have a lot of fun with this adventurous accessorizing technique. Play it safe by mixing small patterns with larger ones, choosing similar color palettes, and mixing no more than two patterns in one outfit. Anything more might look like a fashion faux pas rather than a Pinterest-worthy look.

5. Pick a Signature Accessory


We get it. Learning how to accessorize takes some mental effort. And when you haven’t had your morning caffeine boost, well, it can feel like a lot. If you’d rather go on autopilot, consider choosing a few signature accessories. These are pieces you can wear day in and day out, and they’ll work with just about any look. Choose a versatile pair of sunglasses or a classic hat for weekend adventures—the key is to invest in pieces subtle enough to work with a variety of outfits. (No leopard print belts or chunky necklaces here, please!)




6. Your Hair is Your Best Accessory

It’s easy to get carried away comparing jewelry and shoe options. But don’t forget—sometimes your hair is your best accessory. Simply braiding your hair or curling it into an updo can take your outfit in a whole new direction. Add in a hair accessory, and you’ll really finish off the look. So grab that pretty gold clip, colorful scrunchie, or patterned headband—then let your hair do the talking.


Time to Accessorize Away

You’ve been schooled in how to accessorize your outfit, and now it’s time to apply what you’ve learned. Check out Hazel & Olive Boutique for your new go-to outfit accessories, including jewelry, hats, sunglasses, and more. And remember: Your outfit is the foundation for your look, but your accessories are the icing on the cake!

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