What Outfits to Wear to a Holiday Party

Navkiran Dhaliwal

Posted on November 10 2022

What Outfits to Wear to a Holiday Party


It's that time of year again! The official holiday and party season are around the corner, and you're still wondering what holiday party outfits to wear. The right holiday party outfit will give you immense confidence, let you stay stylish, and make your photos upload worthy.

Holiday Party Outfits

So, we have covered it all, whether it's casual, semi-formal, business or work, cocktail, or festive holiday party dress codes. So, without delay, let's explore what to wear to a holiday party.

Let's have a look!

A Cocktail Holiday Party Dress - Overall Best

Cocktail dresses are truly enchanting and make anyone stand out at a holiday party. The semi-formal holiday party dresses have a perfect amount of spark and royalty, making them one of the best holiday party outfits.

You can wear a midi, mini, or floor-length cocktail dress according to your mood. Some iconic suggestions are monochrome, sparkly, or floor-length dresses. In addition, it can have a train, vibrant colors, tassels, or bows.

Styling Ideas:

  • Black cocktail dress with statement gold earrings, small clutch, and heels.
  • You can opt for a sparkly mini dress, minimal accessories, and heels
  • Simple monochrome, with bold accessories, a large clutch, and boots.
  • A body con train dress with contrast lace-up heels, clutch, bracelet, and statement earrings.

Jumpsuits - Best for Casual Holiday Party


Jumpsuits are all-comfy and stylish holiday outfits for parties. If you accessorize it smartly, you can elevate its looks for some casuals and semi-formal parties. The best part is they are easy to carry and look super stylish.

Styling Ideas:

  • You can wear monochrome, black, white, or red jumpsuits and pair them with bold gold earrings, a clutch, heels, and an overcoat.
  • A deep neckline jumpsuit with a layered necklace and high heels looks regal.
  • Wear denim jumpsuits, tied hair, and white sneakers for casual parties.
  • A tube neck jumpsuit with a blazer also looks very stylish.

Skirts - Suits Every Party

There's something about skirts that make everyone feel so happy and full of zest. Well, these trendy skirts available in micro, midi, and knee length looks adorable.

The best part is you can style it in plenty of ways. For example, you can wear a radiant skirt and a simple upper to highlight one part. Also, you can go with simple skirts and a bling top too.

Styling Ideas:

  • A vegan leather skirt with long boots and a monochrome top.
  • A feather skirt, high heels, and basic top look awesome.
  • A mini sequin skirt with a crop top, clutch, heels, and earring looks sensational.

Midnight Dress - Formal Party

Midnight holiday party dresses are straight away from a fairy tale that looks glamorous and royal. The attractive necklines, flowery gown, and twirls look perfect. It's suitable for some high-level holiday parties and gives you immense confidence as it's dreamy.

Styling ideas:

white midnight dress

  • A white midnight dress with heels, hoops, and natural makeup will look amazing.
  • You can go with mid length midnight dress with lace-up heels, a necklace, and a bracelet

Corset Gown - The Best Holiday Party Look

Corsets have been in trend for centuries. Women wore it to support the waist and back, highlighting the waist area. The new-age corset with tube necks, lacey details, and twirl looks amazing.

Styling Ideas:

  • A black lace corset dress with heels, a minimal necklace, and wavy hair looks wonderful.
  • A corset mid-length dress with boots, lace-up heels, and danglers will look great.

Rompers - The New Trend

Stylish Rompers are easy and breezy attire for both casual and semi-formal holiday parties. They are available in denim, sequin, and lacey details. You can accessorize with a necklace, earring bracelet, bags, boots, or heels to add the right spark. Additionally, layer it with a blazer to create a statement look.

Styling Ideas:

  • A denim romper with white boots and hats for a casual evening holiday party outfit.
  • A sequin blazer romper with statement earrings and long boots.

Co-rd Sets - Trending Again

Co-rd sets are trending and look stunning. You can go with crop tops and skirts which are high and low. Also, trousers and crop tops look dashing. The trendy two-piece sets are effortless and look chic.

Styling ideas:

  • Go for a body-hugging top, jacket, and skirt with funky footwear. Accessorize it with stylish earrings.
  • A crop top and a high-low skirt with heels look ravishing. You can spruce it up with a necklace and bracelets.
  • A crop top, flared trousers, sling bag, and statement earrings are best for a holiday party.

Wrapping Up

Finally, your answer to what to wear to a holiday party with all these outfit options is justified. You can use these trending attires for your next holiday party and surprise everyone with your looks. The right holiday party outfits and accessories will give you confidence and make your holiday party worthwhile.


Which dress is suitable for a short-height girl?

With some tricks, short girls can experiment a lot and create a sleek and elevated look. Try mini or full-length dresses because creating a partition around the knees will divide the body. The best option is to choose monochrome colors, vertical prints, minimalistic accessories, and deeper necklines.

What is the best thing to wear to a holiday party?

A dress is a universal thing that compliments every type of occasion. According to the location and mood of the party, you can also go with bling tops, jumpsuits, skirts, etc.

How to dress to look slimmer?

You can use some tricks to add a slimming effect to your holiday party dress. For example, go with darker colors, smaller prints, and v-necklines. Also, draw attention to your waist with knots, sleek bets, etc. Finally, wear comfortable heels, and choose well-tailored clothes that suit you well.

How can I dress better in clothes?

Cultivating your style takes time. To start:

1. Buy some basics that complement blazers, dresses, and bottoms.
2. Go for minimalistic accessories like jewelry, hats, scarves, etc.
3. In addition, buy some bright, patterned clothes to create a statement.

How to choose your best clothing colors?

First of all, determine your undertone. It can be neutral, cool, or warm. The neutral undertones look best in bold, bright colors; the cool undertone looks great in greys, browns, blues, greens, and purples. In comparison, the warm undertone complements bright or light colors.

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