What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Navkiran Dhaliwal

Posted on November 17 2022

What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Winter is undoubtedly the most exciting, festive, and occasional time of the year. So, naturally, there are also many weddings in the winter. But are you confused about what to wear to a winter wedding as a guest?

Well, there are some weather appropriate as well as stylish suggestions that are trending for the winter wedding this season. So, without delay, let's explore what to wear to a winter wedding that will keep you fashionable and cozy.

Let's have a look!

Start by Choosing the Right Colors for Winter Wedding

The major decision is to narrow down the colors for attending winter weddings. This will help you look at outfits and accessories which resonate with your shades. You can go for burgundy, olive green, deep plum, forest green, shades of blues, and red also looks appealing.

Like a gorgeous red train dress will look flawless. It's advisable to drop white and black at a wedding as a guest. Additionally, the shades of yellow, lime, and oranges look best in summer and spring weddings.

Try the all-new Blazer Dress

The fall haul swears by the blazer dresses as it looks formal and best for winter weddings. You can add bling to it with smart accessorizing. The best thing is it's warm and perfectly resonates with the weather. You can accessorize it with glam drop earrings, necklaces, purses, and boots.

Styling tips:

  • Pair an attractive blazer dress with heels and stockings, minimal earrings, and a funky purse
  • You can also pair a blazer dress with long cowboy boots, a lace bralette, statement earrings, and a shimmery clutch.

Boots for winter wedding

An Off-Shoulder Sweater Dress

An off-shoulder sweater dress is the perfect balance of elegance and style. It's warm, has festive vibes, and looks so outstanding. You can go for any length sweater dress which is off shoulder. Try to pick colors like a beautiful burgundy sweater dress.

Styling tips:

  • To add attention to the waist, tie a belt with a sweater dress. Accessorize it with boots, a beautiful sling bag, and hoop earrings.
  • You can also layer a sweater dress with a stylish monochrome blazer that can rest on the shoulders. Along with it, carry a hand purse and wear an elegant bracelet, minimal necklace, and earrings. For footwear, you can go with lace-up heels with stockings.

A Bodycon Knit Dress

A bodycon knit dress is simple and elegant but spruces up when you add the right accessories. You can go with a plain color like a green knit dress. Spice it up with the right layering and accessories and look how wonderful it will look.

Styling tips:

  • To style the knit bodycon dress, you can add a contrasting blazer. Accessorize your finger with some stylish rings and carry a trendy purse.
  • You can also pair it with stockings and heels. Add a touch of glamor with statement jewelry and beautifully tied hair.

Jumpsuits are in the Trend

The best thing about jumpsuits is that they are practical, stylish, and look good at formal and casual events. You can go with your favorite color monochrome jumpsuit with a highlighting element. Pair it with admirable additions, and it will look so classic.

Styling tips:

formal tube neck jumpsuit

  • Pair a formal tube neck jumpsuit with a blazer, high heels, statement earrings, and sleek hair for the winter wedding look.
  • You can also go for a deep neck long, sleeves jumpsuit. Add layered necklaces, hair accessories, a stylish purse, a beautiful bralette, high heels, and lots of confidence.

A Shimmery Sequin Dress with Good Layering

Shimmers, winter, and weddings sound great. You can layer the shimmering sequin dress perfectly to create wonderful wedding guest attires. The shimmering dress can be long, bodycon, loose, or mini. Whatever style you choose, layer it smartly.

Styling tips:

  • Add a blazer to the sequin dress and add large hoop earrings. Pair it with boots and minimal jewelry. You can also add a loose cardigan over a bodycon shimmer dress. Pair it with contrasting jewelry, heels, and lots of glam makeup.

Tulle Dress Looks Timeless

A tulle dress made of stiff, fine netting looks eternal. It's the perfect attire for attending a winter wedding due to its structural look and use of heavy fabrics, which feels warm. You can wear a tube, off-shoulder, full, or mini tulle dress. Try to opt for bright and deep colors that are perfect for winter.

Styling tips:

  • Add a shiny blazer, large earrings, and long boots to enhance a short tulle dress. If you go with full length, and full sleeve tulle dress, layer it with heels, a nice purse, and earrings.
  • A tulle dress with a monochrome blazer resting on the shoulders, contrasting cowboy boots, and a necklace will look appealing.

Wrapping Up

These were all fabulous ideas for what to wear to a winter wedding. But make sure to wear bright, add accessories and layers, and carry lots of winter glow. Choosing the right colors and accessories will help you stylishly enjoy the most awaited winter weddings.


What colors are in fashion for winter 2022?

The bright and deep colors are totally in fashion for winter 2022. So, you can go for burgundy, shades of blue, green, black, and white.

How to layer a dress for winter?

To add layering to any dress, you can add a blazer to the body con dress. Also, wearing a loose cardigan over a shimmery dress looks amazing. In addition, you can add scarves, hats, fleece stockings, gloves, etc. The contrasting layering or monochrome layering with one highlighting element looks great.

What colors to wear to a winter wedding?

The best colors to wear in the winter wedding are olive green, midnight blue, burgundy, purple, rust, grays or reddish hues. These colors make you stand out and complement the weather and occasion.

What footwear to wear to a winter wedding?

Cold feet in winter will always keep you distracted. You can opt for formal boots having heels, brogues, or covered ballerinas. Also, you can wear nude stockings and foot layering to provide warmth.

What is the best dress for winters?

Winter dresses can have lots of layering. You can wear blazers, capes, and add sweaters over dresses. Go for knitwear, or thick material which is both cozy and stylish. Also, boots, golden accessories etc are best for winter dresses.

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