11 Ways You Can Find Your Personal Fashion Style

Taylor McMillan

Posted on February 17 2022

11 Ways You Can Find Your Personal Fashion Style

Having your own personal fashion style is exciting. The trick is figuring out what that boutique clothing style is! Do you bounce between boho and beatnik or Bel Air and boudoir? Guess what—that’s totally fine! But, if you want to nail down your own signature style, Hazel & Olive is here to help with advice and fashion inspiration.

It can take a lot of exploration and experimentation to find your personal fashion style, but the journey is so gratifying. So try everything. Don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone to put on a new color or cut. You may just find the next new thing to help define your style.

Here are 11 ways you can find a personal fashion style that truly represents you and how you want to present yourself to the world.

1. Get to Know Yourself Better

Knowing who you are and strengthening that relationship can only bring about good things. What types of activities do you enjoy? When you go to the beach, do you prefer to lay out in a swimsuit dressed to impress? Or do you want to wear a two-piece set that looks amazing blowing in the breeze? 

Do this kind of self-examination with all the lifestyle activities you take part in (date nights, preschool fundraisers, etc.) and put together a uniform that works for you instead of against.

2. Figure Out What You Actually Like 

It’s so easy to get caught up in every trend that struts down the runway. Electric colors, micro skirts, and triangle tops are trending. But are you buying them because your favorite influencer does, or because these items make you feel amazing? 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before and during your next shopping trip:

  • What things do I gravitate toward in my wardrobe and why? 
  • What do I shy away from and why?
  • Is my closet cohesive where lots of items work together, or are there loads of disparate items?
  • What can I eliminate from my closet that I won’t miss?
  • What are the gaps in my wardrobe that need filling?

    3. Don’t Let Anyone Tell You What You Should or Shouldn’t Wear

Just because a neighbor rolls her eyes when you walk by doesn’t mean you should care. Fashion should be all about free-thinking, not abiding by someone else’s ideas of what is and isn’t appropriate. Ignore the haters and stand proud in those killer shoes

Speaking of shoes…

4. Experiment with Your Footwear

Gone are the days when you have to perfectly match your shoes to your bag, belt, and your entire outfit. Today, mixing styles is not only okay—it’s encouraged. This is great news for those of us who love light, flirty dresses but aren’t into delicate strappy sandals

If you’re more of a combat boot babe, pair it with that little dress and head out the door feeling cute and comfortable. Trust us, you’ll hear compliments.

Wear Classic Pieces in New Ways

Chances are you’ve got a closet full of classics you’ve become bored with wearing in the same old way. Flannel with jeans, t-shirts with shorts, bustiers with…well, not much else. It’s time to rethink how these pieces can be reutilized in imaginative ways that push your personal fashion style forward.

For example, take that flannel shirt and wear it as a shacket. Take the shorts away from the t-shirt to make it a shortie dress. Throw on some ripped jeans over that bustier for a sexy/casual night out.

5. Scour Secondhand Stores and Sites

Sometimes the style you love isn’t in season (or even the last six or seven seasons). Don’t despair! You’ll have better luck skipping the big-box stores and searching secondhand for those special pieces you crave. 

Another major perk of passing up fast fashion for quality vintage discoveries is that it’s a much more sustainable way to shop. Save stuff from landfills by bringing it home and loving on it like it’s your own. 

6. Play with Accessories

Jewelry, purses, sunglasses, and hats are all accessories your personal fashion style can’t afford to ignore. Any outfit, no matter what genre it falls into, could use a special piece that really takes it over the top to define what you’re all about. 

7. Be U-nique

Love scarves, but don’t see too many people wearing them these days? Score! Go all in and wear all different styles of scarves in all different ways. People will soon know you as the Scarf Starlet. And who doesn’t love a cute nickname? 

Besides, maybe you’ll be a trendsetter instead of just a trend follower!

8. Emulate Your Fashion Icon

Does Gigi Hadid have your eye? Choose slim silhouettes. Can Kendall Jenner do no wrong? Cut-outs are where it’s at. 

Whoever you choose, study their style to learn what makes it work. Then take that knowledge and apply it when you’re confronted with so many options. Soon enough, you’ll put together a personal fashion style you’re proud to show off. 

9. Avoid Purchase Traps 

Whether in the dressing room or walk-in closet, we’ve all been in front of the mirror wondering if we should buy something we didn’t love just because:

  • Everyone else is wearing it.
  • Everyone else thinks it’s perfect for us.
  • We thought we should like it.
  • It’s on sale.
  • It fits in all the right places.

Do any or all of these scenarios sound familiar? We thought so, but just say no. Listen to your inner diva and only buy if it’s doing a little dance. 

10. Forgive Your So-Called “Flaws”

Please. For the love of womanhood, don’t hate on yourself when you see your reflection. There’s nothing wrong with you! So what if some cellulite is peaking out from your romper. It’s normal. Who cares if your waist isn’t cinched? Literally no one. 

Don’t let negative thoughts ruin your personal fashion style. Confidence looks better than any clothing you could put on anyway.

11. Remember, Self-Care Is the Best Style of All

No matter what you put on your body, how you feel inside is most important. Take the time to take care of yourself. Whether that means giving yourself a facial while listening to a motivational podcast, taking a nap with your bestie pet, or meeting your friends for brunch, do what makes you feel peace and love. Then send that peace and love out to the world. 

Start Your Personal Fashion Style Journey

Make finding your personal fashion style journey fun—don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Just explore and experiment, and you’ll find the best version of yourself to flaunt.

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