How to Choose the Right Shoe Style for Your Outfit: A Fool-Proof Guide

Taylor McMillan

Posted on December 28 2021

How to Choose the Right Shoe Style for Your Outfit: A Fool-Proof Guide

Shoes can make or break an outfit. So when it comes to choosing the right kicks to match your look, the pressure is on. Heels or wedges? Dressy or casual? Traditional or unexpected? Should you go for comfort or make a statement?


Okay, shoe styling isn’t exactly rocket science—but it can be confusing enough to make you want to last-minute bail on that Friday night out. Fortunately, we have some shoe style tips up our sleeve to help you choose the winning footwear, every time. You won’t have any excuses not to show up at the next social gathering. But guess what? With an outfit this good, it won’t be an issue.


1. Consider the Occasion

As much as we love a show-stopping heel, one of the most important aspects of shoe style is choosing appropriate footwear for the occasion. You know that girl traversing a mountain path in strappy gladiator sandals? Yeah—don’t be that girl! Make sure you’re going to be comfortable and ready for action, no matter what the day (or night) brings.



2. Let One Outfit Element Shine

Balance is key to getting your shoe styling right, whether you’re rocking knee-length leather boots or simple white sneakers. Wearing a statement dress? Let it shine by choosing a classic nude heel to go with it. Heading to a summer picnic in a basic white tee and shorts? Add interest by pairing the look with unique or brightly colored sandals. Generally, it’s best to pair a loud outfit with simple footwear and vice versa.



3. Balance Proportions

We’re not done with our lecture on balance just yet! Balance also comes into play when considering the proportions of your outfit. If you’re living it up in a short hemline, tone down the look with a pair of flats. Likewise, a voluminous dress is best matched with a streamlined shoe. And if you’re wearing a form-fitting look? Try pairing the outfit with a bulkier bootie or wedge shoe to balance out the proportions.



4. Be Intentional with Color

From interior design to makeup and clothing, color theory principles are always good to have up your sleeve. Now, we’re not going to give you a list of colors that go together—we think the best part of fashion is that the rules are always worth breaking! But, you also don’t want to go out looking like you got dressed in the dark.

No matter what color shoes you choose, be intentional. Rock a monochromatic look that’s chic and fashion-forward. Or go for a complementary color to make your shoes pop. If your outfit is doing all the talking, take a step back and style with nude or neutral shoes.



5. Dare to Try Trends

Trends make fashion fun. Platform sneakers, mules, clogs, super strappy sandals…which one do you fancy? Or are you ready to try them all? No matter which shoe trend you’re embracing, remember that a wild new style is best suited for a more classic outfit. So pair those ‘90s kitten heels with a classic pair of jeans, or take your clogs out of Scandinavia by adding in a more sophisticated blazer. Once again, balance is everything! (Are we a broken record yet?)


6. Coordinate with Your Accessories

When all else fails, go for the tried-and-true trick for matching shoes to an outfit: Coordinate your shoes with your belt, bag, or other accessories. A black leather belt will always look great with black boots. That white purse will pair well with strappy white sandals. And your blue baseball cap will be in perfect harmony with a blue pair of sneakers. There’s no messing this one up, ladies!



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