The Perfect Rush Dresses for Each Day of Recruitment

Parker Johnson

Posted on July 14 2022

The Perfect Rush Dresses for Each Day of Recruitment

So: you’ve just landed on campus. After settling into your dorm, you turn your attention to one of the most influential events of the next four years: Sorority Rush Week!

What does this mean for you? You’ve got to plan seven sorority recruitment outfits, and they have to look flawless. The good news is that looking the part is easy, especially if you already know what’s ahead. 

Here’s our breakdown of rush dresses for every part of Rush Week—we encourage you to check out our favorite styles if you’re preparing to rush this coming semester.

Sorority Rush Dresses for Open House

The open house is a lot like a big party—every chapter affiliated with your school gathers ‘round to meet a new class of candidates, yourself included. Cute, casual, and light-hearted is the name of the game. During this first meet and greet, we recommend choosing sorority recruitment outfits low on fuss and high in quality.

Consider this to be your “first date” with your ideal sorority. You’ll be meeting dozens (or even hundreds) of new people in a very narrow window of time. Pick a rush dress, shoes, and accessories that capture your fashion taste and personality. 

Sorority Recruitment Outfits for Philanthropy Day

After this first taste of every chapter in your school, you’ll devote the next two days to diving deeper into the values, extracurriculars, and other activities in which each sorority participates.

If you gravitate toward sorority recruitment outfits that are more professional than glam, now is the time to break out your business-minded best, especially if rushing for an academic association.

We love sexy pencil skirts, elegant silk blouses, and chic hairstyles that keep your tresses pristine and out of the way. A practical pair of heels seal the deal, adding a touch of feminine flair.

Sorority Rush Dresses for Sisterhood

You’ve probably narrowed down the list of sororities to a few front-runners that interest you. You’re all having fun again by this point, so dress things up accordingly. 

You’ll be getting even closer and more personal with many girls who may end up being your future sisters, which is why we recommend showing off your unique style fully. 

Boutique rush dresses, unique footwear, and timeless accessories like gold hoops or pearl studs leave an unforgettable impression. Top things off with a luxe clutch, a natural face, and a subtle hairpiece, and you’re ready to find your sisters.

Sorority Recruitment Outfits for Preference Night

Preference Night is your last true moment to shine before the cards fall. Everybody will be looking their best, including everybody you’re trying to impress. 

To us, this is the perfect opportunity to pull out all the stops. Try to narrow things down to your most formal sorority rush dresses. We recommend keeping things as classic and classy as possible. 

Every ounce of effort you spend on this pivotal final day will speak to your character and enthusiasm and will tell the sorority you are the best fit. If the vibe of your preference leans toward something more outlandish, follow your heart. 

Long story short? This is your time to make the statement of a lifetime. Wear what you love and choose rush dresses that make you feel your most “you”—confidence is key, and a gorgeous smile is one of the most attractive things you can wear. 

The Best Sorority Rush Dresses: Are You Ready for Bid Day?

Of course, your collection of sorority recruitment outfits will serve you well past this contentious, nail-biting college tradition. After finding your place in the sorority of your dreams, you’ve got four years ahead to shine like the star among stars that you are.

At the end of the day, we recommend listening to your intuition when scoping out the perfect sorority recruitment outfits for Rush Week. The look you put together should reflect who you truly are inside. Authenticity guarantees that the right sorority picks you out of the crowd and invites you into the fold.

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